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body & steam



Experience pure bliss with a body massage and a custom Eminence Organic Skin Care facial. You will leave glowing. 

90min $185+ / 120min $230+

himalayan salt stone bliss

Experience the healing benefits of Himalayan salt during this indulgent session...Start off with a sensational body "buffing" to exfoliate and help detoxify.  Now enjoy a pressure point foot massage with a salt scrub, as well as a sprinkling of salt along your spine with a warm compresses to help you absorb the 84 naturally occurring minerals.  Followed by a massage using warmed salt stones.  This will soothe away tension, bring your body into balance and reduce inflammation. This is a one of a kind treatment.  

90 min $190  Or 120 min $225 - This session includes a gentle & luxurious facial massage, stimulating subtle energy points using a "Kansa Wand".  This gently firms the skin as well as drains the lymph. You will leave glowing!


A light dry brushing of the body to slough off dead skin, boost immune system, reduce inflammation and detoxify the body.  Followed by a full body massage with choice of essential oils.

90min $150+


Choice of a sugar or salt scrub to create a radiant and glowing body.  Exfoliate and rehydrate to a dewy perfection.  Enjoy a foot & scalp massage and finish with a full body steam treatment to open pores and deeply relax you.

60 min $130+


Begin with a dry brushing of the body to slough off dead skin cells and stimulate the lymphatic system.  Followed by a soothing scalp & foot massage, then an application of an detoxifying mud. Next relax and let your body detoxify and rejuvenate under our full body steam canopy.

60min $130+ 90 min $160+ (recommend weekly or monthly session)


The ultimate experience for total mind, body & spirit rejuvenation.  Treatment includes a body scrub or mud followed by a full body steam session.  Next enjoy a massage with choice of essential oils and finish with a customized facial. Feel centered, uplifted and bright. Be Radiant.

3 hours $360+

full body steam therapy ritual

Relax and detoxify under our full body steam canopy.  Laying comfortably on the massage table your body is cocooned in a steam bath while your head & neck are kept cool outside of the canopy.  Experience the multiple rejuvenating & healing benefits:  Pain Relief, weight loss, burn fat, improved sleep, beautiful skin, reduced puffiness & bloating, reduced stress, fewer headaches, release of toxins & boosted immune system.  

20min $45 or Add a 20 min. steam to a massage $40

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